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Support Cancer Patients Now.


 With your help,

the American Cancer Society will save more lives every day.

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Thank you for your interest in partnering with the American Cancer Society, where we welcome the opportunity to talk with you about various opportunities including cause marketing, engaging your customers, employee support and much more. You probably know that the American Cancer Society funds research to help find cures from cancer, but we actually do a lot more than that.


Together with our millions of supporters, the Society is saving lives in the fight against the disease in a number of ways. We help people stay well by working to prevent cancer or detect it early, when it’s most treatable. We also help people get well by providing the resources and support they might need whenever they need it to get through their cancer experience. And we fight back against the disease by working with elected officials to pass laws that defeat cancer and by bringing communities together to join the fight.

How Can You Help Save Lives?

Cause marketing ties the cooperative efforts of a “for-profit” business and a nonprofit organization for mutual benefit. By collaborating with the American Cancer Society you can differentiate your product or brand and make it even more relevant because consumers across all demographic groups know and trust the American Cancer Society. The Society is the largest voluntary health organization in the world with 96 percent brand recognition.

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